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When it comes to booking a holiday, I am the sort of person who just clicks the 'Book Now', button and then worries about where it actually is and how to get there afterwards. It's also what I have been known to do with pretty much everything else in my life. Buying a house, buying a dog, a car, a trampoline and a two story playhouse in the garden. Just a few of the small surprises my darling husband has returned to over the years of our very much 'equal', marriage.

Unlike some rather organised Parents, who search within a certain flight duration, or only to family friendly resorts, I, see all in for under a grand and book it. Booked it, Packed it, F****d off! Its only later when I ask my husband where outer Mongolia actually is that I realise we have a 3 day flight!

From our eldest daughter being 7 months old we have holidayed abroad at some point in the year. One of our favourite destinations is flying to Dalaman in Turkey. We absolute love the Olu Deniz resort and its surrounding area and have travelled there many times over the years. We're going again this year, so I will be sure to add a blog review for that. We've flown to Kos, Greece and bitten the bullet flying two young children to Florida, long but definitely worth it.

With that in mind, I have decided to compile a list of our tried and tested Top Tips for travelling on a plane with children. Some worked well, some not so well but have a read and see if there's anything that might work for you.

Top Tips for flying with children 

Firstly, have no expectations. 🌞

We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to have the most perfect, silent, well behaved children on the Plane. It isn't going to happen. At some point one, or all, of your children will probably cry, have an argument, refuse the meal that looks like cat food or get 'told off', for asking for the loo for the 5th time. Children are children, be it on a plane, on a bus, in a car or rolling down the hill on a flippin bucket. Whether they care to remember it or not, every adult on that plane was a child at some point and therefore they will have 'been there'. There is, of course, an exception to this rule with the perfect citizens of society who sit there looking like they're sucking on a rotten lemon because you're child's iPad has just accidentally blared out the theme tune to Peppa Pig on full blast. Tough shit. If they wanted a luxury flight, sat in silence with only they're own dire company, they should have 1. Booked on a more reputable airline than Thomas Cook and 2. Dipped into their moth eaten wallets and paid for a seat in 1st class. Rant over.

Purchase the meals. 🌞

Yes. I know they are absolutely pants and whether you have roast beef or chicken tikka it all tastes the same, BUT, the whole process of receiving said meal provides you with about 30 minutes of child entertainment, which has to be worth it. The ones we've had on more recent trips have been reasonably nice too, breakfast is usually our favourite.

iPads/Tablets - Don't forget you're headphones! 🌞

Love them or hate them, they are definitely an asset to your journey with a small person. Its worth bearing in mind though, that there will be no Internet connection on the plane so all games, programs and films will need to be pre loaded onto the device. If you have Sky I highly recommend using the Sky kids or Sky go app which is free with your existing contract. If you don't have Sky, you can also pre download movies and TV shows on Netflix, Disney Life, Amazon Prime and many more. I know that Netflix have a 1 month free trial that you could sign up for and then cancel after the first month and it won't have cost you a penny. I have included a link below to some of the free subscriptions I have found currently on offer. 

Make a goody bag 🌞

I always make my children a goody bag of things they haven't seen before. Don't let them see it before the time you give it to them so even the type of bag they get is a total surprise. I start by purchasing a cheap bag, usually with a character on, or something that they're into at the time and fill it with goodies. Something to colour, new pens/pencils, stickers a book to read. A Poundland haul can usually do the trick and keep them occupied for a while. They can use their bag for their beach or pool stuff when you get to your destination too. Watch out for my upcoming you tube video with details of what's in my children's goody bags this year.

The Bed Box 🌞

This is a fabulous idea, that I sadly discovered too late for my older children but would definitely consider for my youngest. It's called the Bedbox and it is basically a hand luggage sized case on wheels that adapts you're child's plane seat into a bed. Amazing. Weighing only 3kg including it's mattress it is perfect for hand luggage. It features full swivel wheels for easy manoeuvring and fits most economy standard seats.

Suitable for up to 35 kg max user weight
Fits most economy standard seats

20 litre volume storage
Swivel wheels for excellent manoeuvrability

Hand washable mattress

It retails at £129 so quite an expensive purchase but if you fly regularly with children, or you are taking a long haul flight it is possibly something you could invest in. Buy it or not, its an excellent idea.

You can find out more at

PLEASE NOTE This is not a paid review, it is solely my personal opinion of a product I have found. The pictures have been used with permission from JetKids.

Pre-order baby milk for collection at the airport 🌞

Did you know that Boots offer a service where you can pre-order your babies Milk powder, or the little ready made bottles and then collect them from a Boots store situated in the airport Departure Lounge. That way it doesn't count towards you're precious luggage allowance and frees up room in your suitcase. You also have the bonus of being able to take it all on the plane with you and it won't get lost in transit. Due to the fact it was purchased from a store inside the airport it has already been thoroughly checked by security procedures. Bonus!

Make them the official Trip photographer 🌞

Give them a camera and instruct them to photograph everything about the trip. It will keep them busy and they'll feel very important. If your child is old enough, get them to write down in a notebook about their photographs. My son loves to write a numbered list of the photos he's taken and what of. Even a simple name sticker saying 'Photographer' will work wonders. 

Dress them comfortably 🌞

This might sound silly to some, but you'd be amazed how many families I've seen with their kids dressed immaculately for their holiday in their best clothing. We all know ourselves that once we get home we want to rip off our jeans and lounge on the sofa in our comfies so why would a child be any different? Dress them in comfy clothing that's easy for them to curl up and relax in. Make sure their trousers aren't going to dig into their waist whilst they're sat down for a long time. Let them take their shoes off too. If they're comfortable then that's one less thing for them to moan about.

Enjoy it YOURSELF 🌞

If Momma ain't happy, then nobody's happy!

Most of all, remember to enjoy yourself. You're journey on the plane is after all the first day of you're holiday. Make it part of the fun, another exciting day of the holiday. If you're happy and excited then chances are you're child will be happy too. My Mum always said to me, "If Momma ain't happy, then nobody's happy!" and its so true.

Enjoy you're trip!

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