So, here it is. Five in the Hive. My brand spanking, sparkly, shiny new blog. I am Amy, Wife to my darling husband of 8 years, my very own Jonny Castle and Mum to my three little cherubs, Spud 10, Bash 6 and Tanks who has just turned 1.  

I begin with Spud, my first born, beautiful daughter, who may I add, acquired her nickname from a rather unfortunate passport photo when she was a baby. I know people describe themselves as a bit of a potato head but this poor child did albeit briefly, fully resemble a chubby round potato that would give Maris Piper a run for their money! Spud is my wingman, without whom, I would be lost. She is one of the most kind and caring human beings that I have ever met and I am proud to say that she is mine.

Bash. Bashing away whatever comes his way. What can I say? This boy has taught me so much in his six short years. Battling major illness and surgery from only a few weeks old, he's taught me to believe, to hope, to cherish and most importantly to fight. He is an incredibly talented, loving, little boy who could put most adults to shame in his ability to survive in what is increasingly becoming a 'tick box' world of averages, targets and eligible criteria. You'll often find him complete with a piece of technology in his hand and his headphones on, oblivious to the reality of the 'real' world. He is a credit to any parent, and that just happens to be me.

Last but certainly by no means least, Tanks. Nicknamed simply because it rhymes with Frank's. Our 'Betsy Clark'  baby girl who just seems to have crawled straight into her place in all of our lives. My mum often says, "Its as though someone just opened the door and popped her in!", and it really is. She brought us joy through difficult times and is the most content, happy-go-lucky little girl you could wish to meet. Being a third child she was born with confidence and the desire to be one step ahead of her game. She's quirky, cute, cuddly and the fabulous fifth piece that completes our puzzle. I'm so loving getting to know you. 

For 30 years now I have been winging my way through life inadvertently finding myself in an array of outrageous situations. Often described as, if I didn't have bad luck, I wouldn't have any luck at all or experiences that 'You just couldn't write it'. Well all that is about to change, as from today, I am going to write it. I am taking the bull by the horns and beginning my very own magical mystery tour of parenting highs and lows. 
Welcome aboard!

So, now that were getting to know each other, let me take off my rose tinted spectacles and have another look. I'm Amy, I'm 30, I feel about 50 plus the rest. I've been married 8 years and its bloody hard work! I am Mum to 3 completely different little people who each have the ability to lure me into a false sense of security of having 'cracked' this parenting malarkey, only to discover that it no longer works for the next child, or the next week for that matter. Modern society laughs in my face as my crafts are definitely not Pinterest worthy and I thought the filters on Instagram were merely what blocked inappropriate adult content! I can turn on an iPad, but my kids can turn it off quicker and cover up what they shouldn't be watching. Recently, I found myself naked on Snapchat, courtesy of my savvy 6 year old. Thanks go out here to my daughters school friend for spotting it and informing her Parents who kindly enlightened me to the fact my entire modesty was broadcast for all to see on social media. My school runs will never be the same.

So hear it is, my first 'Blog post'. Here's to heart warming, hilarious tales of Motherhood. Hold on tight, its going to be a bumpy ride.

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