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One of my most enjoyable hobbies is to dress my children in different, not on the high street clothing. I like to find outfits that not everyone else is wearing, something that isn't just off the peg. I buy from independent retailers or handmade clothing, lots of which I find on Facebook or Etsy. There's nothing worse than turning up for a special occasion, to find out someone is wearing the identical outfit. When shopping solely on the high street you often find that a lot of kids have the same Next coat or Primark t-shirt for example. 
I know recently my ten-year-old has all the Harry Potter t-shirts from Primark, and so do the rest of her class, well almost. As she's got older she seems to prefer being the same rather than to stand out, I'll have to work on that one! However, whilst my baby is still young enough not to refuse my clothes choice, I thought I would feature some of what she like's to wear in their very own blog posts.

'What Frankie Wears'.

For the first post in this series, I have decided to tell you all about one of my little hidden gems, Rainbows & Sprinkles.

Rainbows and Sprinkles is a small company run by Lucy in Exmouth, Devon. Lucy created the company as like myself she was passionate about good quality children's clothing and loved to find eye-catching, bright and colourful fabric designs for her clothes.
All of her items are handmade, they can be to order but she does have plenty of ready-made items available to buy on her website.

She specialises in making beautiful fabric dungarees and leggings but also turns her hand to shorties headbands, dribble bibs and dresses. I've heard a rumour there are matching tops in the pipeline too. If you're into Mummy and Me clothing theirs also adult leggings to match!

Our particular favourites are the dungarees. The first pair that I purchased were made in this gorgeous Unicorn fabric. I absolutely had to get the matching headband too.

The clothes are made from high quality 100% cotton jersey fabrics that are super soft and super comfy for your little one. They come with inner leg white poppers for easy nappy changing and poppers at the shoulders too. The ankles are cuffed which I find really helpful as it stops the legs from getting in the way when the baby is manoeuvring about. They wash really well and hold their colour, remaining bright and appealing even after a lot of wear. I find they are a perfect option if you like to dress your children comfortable and unrestricted but still look smart.

These are our Christmas Special dungarees that Frankie wore for most of December! We had so many lovely comments on them.

When I purchase baby clothing for Frankie these are some of the elements I take into consideration.

1. Will she be comfortable in it? You really don't want your baby to be hunched up in a buggy, sling or car seat with an uncomfy waistband digging in their little tummies. Comfort is paramount.

2. Will she be able to move around in it? It's all well and good having your baby look like a superstar but if they can't crawl around or explore from A to B then it will make for a very grumpy baby. 

3. Do I like it? It might seem obvious that you would choose clothes you like but I am a bit of a shopaholic and can be swayed by a 50% off sign or a logo. Make sure you don't make impulse sale buys, just because it's reduced. It's rare but sometimes I do have to put thing's back! 

4. Is it age appropriate? This is a personal opinion but I don't like to see children or babies in clothing that is aimed at older kids or adults. For example, there is absolutely no need, in my opinion, to make a belly top for a baby or a slogan top with 'Future Pole Dancer' plastered across the front of it. Obviously, there must be a market for it otherwise they wouldn't make them but I'm afraid it isn't my market. 

5. Is it different? I like my children's clothes to be colourful, with nice patterns. More recently I've enjoyed the shabby chic and vintage look fabrics but I'm open to anything that appeals to me. I love it when I spot a unique fabric print or a lovely bright colour.

Here is a selection of the fabrics that I particularly like from Rainbows & Sprinkles. The pink bird print is on my ever growing wish-list.

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If you like the clothes Frankie wears then pop over to Rainbows & Sprinkles and have a look at their gorgeous clothes by clicking the link here Rainbows&Sprinkles

Please be sure to tell them Five in the Hive sent you their way! 

Please note this is a personal review of a product I genuinely like, no fee was received and all opinions are my own.

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What Frankie Wears


  1. These are very cute outfits. We got given so many clothes from my daughter's cousins that I've not really had to buy many at all so haven't done much delving into kids clothes retailers. These look great for gifts though. #BlogCrush

    1. Thank you. It's an expensive addiction, I wish we had someone to pass on clothes, you're lucky! <3

  2. Oh I love these, and I’m sticking Rainbow and Sparkles somewhere to remember it. Thanks for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

    1. Lush aren't they, thank you for the linky x