Babies first steps - Look who's walking!

Smiling baby girl with blue eyes

The baby is on the move!

A momentous occasion occurred in our house this week. The littlest lady, star of my 'What Frankie Wears' blog series 'officially' took her first steps and started walking. By officially I mean not just a few first steps between furniture but a full on walk across the room, grab something you shouldn't and run before your Mum can notice type of walking.
I've learnt this week, that my home which I thought was semi baby-proofed, actually isn't.

I've also learnt that the bin can no longer reside in its current position due to the new found mobile 'rubbish raider' that has descended upon us. Now that my baby has taken her first steps not only has she decided to remove the entire contents of the bin on a regular daily basis, she will eat any food remnants she happens to find in there like a back street un-fed feral cat. Today I caught her happily licking the last bit of chocolate out of a Nutella snack pot that she'd 'rescued' from the waste bin. I promise you I do feed this child.

Clean washing spread out by the baby on the kitchen floorThose first steps also acquired me my very own domestic 'home help'. She 'helps' with the laundry, the putting away (and more often getting out) of the pots and pans and has even started making her own breakfast, albeit all over the kitchen floor!

I've learnt that those few precious seconds to myself on the loo are no more as she now scoots around the corner of the door with a proud grin at finding her Mum on the toilet, greeting me with an enthusiastic 'Hello'. Wherever I go now, she's there, right behind me and if she's not there then she's definitely up to no good, usually by the aforementioned rubbish bin.

Her brother and sister, after encouraging her to walk for so long, now feel that it might not have actually been the best idea. They are delighted by the fact she can now toddle over to wherever they are playing and destroy their game instantaneously, or more so press buttons on their precious iPads. She also throws a mammoth tantrum should she be told she can't repeatedly smack said iPad. Life is so unfair when your 14 months.

Those first steps have teamed up with her homing device for anything that makes a crackling packet sound, assisting her speedily to her target within seconds. We can no longer sneak a bit of chocolate in the kitchen for fear of being caught red-handed by the baby sweet police. She's like a trained sniffer dog when it comes to Dairy Milk.

Ultimately though, and despite the above, I am chuffed to bits at my littlest's achievement. I love to see her grow and reach her milestones, from the first smile, first word to their first steps, though a pause button would be nice sometimes. I know all parents say it but the past year has absolutely flown by and now we have a toddler on our hands and not a 'baby' anymore.

I can't wait to be a part of her next (mobile) adventures.

What did your baby get up to when they first started walking? I'd love to hear your stories in my comments if you have a story to share 👶

Baby emptying chocolate and crisp wrappers from the waste bin

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  1. How adorable! When my youngest started walking he loved to empty my cupboards! #KCACOLS

  2. No more toilet breaks! Well done little one! First steps towards independence....and freedom! ;) #AnythingGoes x

  3. My two were very different. My first was fifteen months and wanted to be sure she could walk before she let go and my son at eleven months was running around all over the place, giggling as he fell #bigpinklink

  4. Awww such an exciting time! My 1 year old has been cruising for a while now so slowly but surely she'll have the confidence to walk on her own soon! #anythinggoes

  5. Those first steps are such an exciting milestone but they certainly bring their challenges! I remember that sudden realisation of just how un-toddlerproof my house really was as well :-) #bloggerclubuk

  6. Such a special milestone - time to get all the health and safety equipment in place and big adventures ahead #AnythingGoes

  7. Ah it's such a lovely moment when they start walking! My youngest has just got more confident on her feet and is now walking a lot more, but is falling over a lot which makes me so nervous! Thanks so much for linking up at #kcacols. Hope you come back next time

  8. That's awesome that she's walking! Congrats on reaching this amazing milestone! #anythinggoes

  9. Ah I remember this stage SO CLEARLY! Chaotic, but adorable to watch them toddle around too. Enjoy it. And such cute pics:)

  10. It's a while ago now but I do remember definitely needing eyes in the back of your head and that stairgates saved my sanity more than once! Glad to hear she's walking and I can't blame her for licking the last of the nutella!... #kcacols

  11. Awww! what a little cutie! I love that wobbly walk they do at first. Remember my son toddling about and falling over all the time...he still falls over a lot now but because he's clumsy more than anything. my daughter is 3 months old and I can't imagine her waddling around! #KCACOLS

  12. I think the biggest thing I remember once mine started walking was that I was running round more than I ever realised I would! They got into everything!:)

  13. We were already guarded against some mobile baby madness cause we have cats, but the laundry 'help' is funny. For me, less so for my wife. #kcacols