Mothers Day - A poem for my Mum

I know I haven't always been the easiest daughter,
I didn't listen even when I ought to.
You tried to guide me along my way,
'Mother knows best,' I'd hear you say.

But you gave me wings, and let me fly,
you didn't like it, but you let me try.
A strong-willed character, just like you,
You stood by me while I grew.

We often made each other cry,
not always seeing eye to eye.
Both guilty of raising angry voices,
when we didn't like each other's choices.

You supported me through many a saga,
chauffered me about from dancing to drama.
You picked me up when I felt down,
made me smile instead of frown.

But as time passed and I grew up,
I got a taste of what's in your cup!
I have two daughters of my own,
while you watch from your knowing throne.

So now I thank you for what I've learned,
my full respect, though late, you've earned.
Thanks for making me who I am,
for being there for me and being my 'Mam'.

💟 Happy Mothers Day 💟

A poem by me, for my Mum. Mothers Day 2018

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  1. That is lovely. �� she really is the best mum xxx

  2. Oh Amy you usually make me smile with your blog, recounting our lives ups & downs, but this one actually made my cry ...but in a lovely way. I love you so much & all the rest of my evergrowing previous family. Happy Mother's Day to all ...even if you're not a mummy ♥️♥️♥️