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If there's one thing I love more than shopping for beautiful baby clothes for my little girl then it has to be shopping for beautiful baby shoes! Yes, I know that's a bit of a cop-out. Every outfit you choose for your baby needs to be complemented with the most perfect little pair of comfortable, well-fitted and absolutely adorable shoes.
Sometimes I think Shoes steal the outfit more than the clothes you actually wear. Everyone loves a cute dinky pair of shoes!
We recently discovered Bobux shoes after a visit to one of our local independent shoe retailers called Twinkle Toes. The first time I went in was literally because I liked the name. (Shopaholic I know!) I soon learned from my mum that I too had been fitted for a pair of shoes from the very same shop as a child myself.
I'd clocked these beautiful Bobux shoes in the window and was delighted to see that they came in all different colours. We sat down and got my babies feet measured and she revelled in the whole experience of trying on shoes, just like her Mum! I was torn between buying the patent burgundy ones or these navy ones and in the end, I chose the navy because I thought they would last longer without looking scuffed or dirty. Navy is a colour you can match with pretty much any other colour also, so I thought they were a 'safe' choice for her outfits.

Image supplied by Bobux UK

A little bit about Bobux Shoes ...

Bobox was established in 1991 and they have since strived to do the best they can by children's feet. Designed by experts in New Zealand, Bobux shoes are designed to mimic the freedom of bare feet whilst providing enough protection from the environment for your little one's feet. Endorsed by Podiatrists and tested to comply with International REACH standards for child safety, Bobux offer a credible contender, in my opinion, for your babies first shoes (at least).

Bobux provides their own online expert fitting tool which works with your child's foot measurements down to the nearest millimetre. You can find it here 👉 Bobux Expert Fitting Tool

Image supplied by Bobux UK

What I love about Bobux Shoes ...

From a fashion point of view, I adore the traditional vintage design of the shoes I chose for Frankie this time but I also love how versatile their designs are. You can find some beautiful modern designs in their new 2018 collection, as well as the more traditional. I know I've spotted a few pairs that I like already.

Image supplied by Bobux UK
I love that the shoes support the barefoot development of young children's feet. From the minute they're wobbling about on their little feet to full-on steady and stable walking.

I really like the soft sole and soft texture of the first walker shoes that we have and I love that they are made from real leather.

They're really easy to put on and they feel like they fit my daughter's feet perfectly.

I think this is just the beginning of my customer journey with Bobux, I'm pretty confident that I'll be purchasing more in the near future. (Don't tell Daddy!)

Bobux shoes are at the higher end of the market price wise. I paid £39.99 from the independent retailer but if your lucky I know they often have great sales online with big reductions.

If you would like to learn more about Bobux shoes you can visit their website here
 👉 www.bobux.co.uk

Image supplied by Bobux UK

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As always all opinions are my own and this is not a paid promotion. I genuinely just love Bobux shoes and stumbled upon them by accident. The images used have been supplied by Bobus UK at my request and have been used with permission.

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  1. Cute shoes! Love that they come in loads of styles. #fortheloveofblog

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  4. Small person shoes are so sweet. I still have the Tubblet's and can't believe she was ever that small looking at her now

  5. Thankyou for the recommendation from one shopaholic to another. We used to have a fab independent shoe shop near by but it closed down. I will be on the look out for Bobux shoes now! #Blogcrush

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  7. These shoes are so cute. I love that there's a few different styles to choose from. X #thesatsesh

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  11. We picked up a pair of Bobux baby shoes brand new at a second hand sale and loved them. #thesatsesh