Legoland Windsor Review

three children, one in a pushchair at the entrance to legoland windsor

So, recently we took a much anticipated and very much needed family break to visit Legoland Windsor, one of our children's favourite destinations in the UK. Both of my older children, age 10 and 7 love it here and this was our third visit over the past couple of years. Louis loves it so much that his life ambition for almost a year was to grow to 1 metre tall so that he could go on more rides at Legoland! He was so chuffed when he made it.

We were so ready for a break and a change of scenery that even though the weather was awful we were glad to get away for a few days.

What we personally like about Legoland Windsor

One of the reasons we love Legoland is that it caters just as much for younger children as it does the slightly older, there is something for everyone, even babies can get on a ride. Our 15-month-old had a fantastic time too and was able to come on quite a few of the rides with us, even sampling the new 4D Lego Ninjago ride! I couldn't help but giggle when she came around the corner in the carriage behind us with her Dad, sat completely unphased and barely peeping over the safety bar. I don't think the poor thing knew what was happening but she seemed rather pleased that she'd joined in with the rest of us, even if she had no idea what she was doing!
They also have a Duplo village specifically created for their younger guests with more age appropriate rides, a splash park and play area. (For the more conscientious parent who doesn't place their babies on inappropriate rides!! 😛)

We like that there is always a 2 for 1 type entry offer for this attraction. Although at £60 a person on the gate, you're only really paying what it's worth. I definitely don't think we would go and ever pay £240 for a family of four to enter full price and a free under 3 but the vouchers are always easily available to all on Kellogs cereal boxes, Cadbury's packs and other well-known brands so you never really have to pay full price if you are organised. We've had the Merlin annual pass before too, which we definitely recommend but I'll make sure I do a separate blog post about those as they're amazing.

two children in yellow ponchos in the rain

This visit wasn't the best for us weather wise as it literally poured it down with rain from the moment we arrived to the moment we left and beyond. The good thing about Legoland is that it still opens no matter what the weather and the majority of the rides continue to run as normal, so long as you don't mind getting piss wet through then it's all good. We invested in two poncho's for the kids which they sell there for £3.50 each but you can take your own if you already have one. I use the word 'invested' lightly as my daughter managed to rip hers just putting it on so probably not much of a long-term investment.

 It's really easy to park at Legoland and there is ample parking, even on busy days. This 2018 season it costs £6 per car for you to park all day which isn't too bad compared to some charges for large attractions but it's definitely something to factor in if you're weighing up the cost of a trip.

What we don't rate about Legoland Windsor

Legoland Windsor is built on a really steep hill, the entrance being situated at the top with rides dotted about as you meander down the slope and the majority of the theme park is right at the bottom. It's quite a climb down but even harder to get back up. Myself and my son have medical problems that make it quite difficult for us to walk uphill and long distances so this can be quite off-putting for us. I'd hate to have to push a wheelchair up and down. Even without a medical condition, it is hard to persuade a tired child to trudge back up the hill at the end of a fun-filled day. Usually, there is a Hill Train ride that runs frequently throughout the day to take you up and down but it's currently closed with no signs of re-opening anytime soon. We were really disappointed by this as there aren't any signs indicating that it's closed until you actually get to the ride and by that point, you're in, you've spent your money and now you have no other option but to go down the hill on foot...and then back up again. If your fit and able this might be insignificant to you but to our family it was and I feel we should have been told beforehand.

Food. The quality of food available is shocking. Don't get me wrong I know it's not the ritz but I do expect the food to be edible, this time I honestly expected us to go home with a dodgy tummy. It's mostly fast food which is fine by us for a theme park visit but every time we've eaten there it's not been very good at all and it is ridiculously priced. This visit we purchased two adult burger meals and two kids meals and it cost us an extortionate £41.40! To top it off, two of the meals were wrong, the chips were cold and then we had food missing. The service was extremely slow, the staff couldn't cope and the ques were to the door. The restaurant was littered, bins overflowing and sauce stations empty. All these complaints are things that could be fixed but on the times we've visited over the years, it hasn't really improved. This visit was definitely the worse yet.


Whilst at Legoland you can purchase an electronic queuing system called a Q-Bot. The handheld device can reserve your place in the queue from anywhere in the park and informs you when it's time to ride.
Q-Bot comes at a significant cost.

The Q-Bot regular package for £20 per person will queue the waiting time for your rides and allow you to explore the park for the wait time as opposed to standing in the actual queue. When it's your time to ride you simply take the device with you to the Q-Bot entrance of the ride to get straight on the ride, though on some rides you can still face a small queue.You can only reserve one ride at a time so you must go on the ride before you can start queuing for another one.

The Q-Bot Express package for £35 per person will do all of the above but it will halve the waiting time for each ride. For example, if the waiting time for a ride is 40 minutes, the express Q-Bot will allow you to ride after only 20 minutes. You can still only reserve one ride at a time but the queuing duration will be halved.

The Ultimate Q-Bot package for £80 per person allows you to reserve one ride at a time but grants you almost immediate access to all of the rides, so no queue times, just walk up, present your Q-Bot and skip the queue.

Q-Bots are expensive as they are priced per person and not per family so they really bump the cost up. I think the only one that is really worth having is the ultimate Q-Bot package as if not you are still hanging about waiting for rides which seems pretty pointless to me. However, at £80 per person, we will not be taking advantage of this system. Alternatively, if your finances allow it then go for it and treat yourselves.

For more detailed information on the Q-Bot system visit the Legoland website here Q-Bot Info.

Do we recommend it?

In a word, Yes, yes we do. It's a fantastic place to make wonderful memories with your children. It's one of those places that will stick in their minds and hopefully they will remember for a long time. Maybe even bring their own children to one day, if it's still up and running. Don't ever pay full price to get in but if you bag yourself a voucher it truly is a really good day out and somewhere I'm sure we will return. Hopefully next time the sunshine might join us! 🌞

We didn't stay in the actual Legoland resort so I can't really comment on that but it does look good, I just can't justify the extortionate prices per night. We had equally as much of a good time staying in the local Holiday Inn.

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